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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 18, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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see more showers and storms breaking out and this will continue to reach up i-95. eventually toward apg, right now real heavy weather in kingsville and if we go further south, all the way down here into ann arundel county. this is the original storm that got things going and this storm is impacting bowie, crofton, all the way back through lake shore. so in these areas, beware. you can get gusty winds to 50. brief small hail and also of course the number one weather killer, lightning. be aware of that and low lying areas may see brief flooding, too. again, those warning out there, scattered storms. talk more about how your friday and saturday shapes up straight ahead. >> thanks a lot. now to new developments in the florida school bomb threat. we are learning more tonight about the tampa teenager accused of trying to plot a columbine school massacre. jamie joins us more about the student. jamie, what can you tell us? >> he's just 17.
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one included multiple arrests. most recently, he broke into a house and stole a gun. >> he says cano had trouble controlling his emotions. >> i told him, dude, go in your room and scream in your pillow or something. >> cano wrote a page by page, minute by minute plan for attack on his school starting at 5:00 in the morning next tuesday. he was alleging targeting 30 students and two assistant principals he believed wronged him. tuesday night working off a telephone tip, investigators headed into cano's home finding all the elements needed to make pipe bombs. >> according it our bomb team members that were out there. they described his ability as sophisticated and said that in all likelihood that he had tested these explosive devices in some passion in the past. >> cano's former girlfriend
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says he remembers him recently referencing the columbine shooting. >> i would have helped him get through it instead of him sitting there and wanting to harm other people and harm himself. >> last friday, cano wrote on his facebook page, quote, a crazy mind makes for a crazy life. unquote. he had been expelled from freedom high school last april. >> we have been familiar with him. >> cano is now being charged as an adult. his next court hearing is set for september 2. kelly. >> thanks a lot, jamie. we have a warning out of baltimore county where men pretending to be bge workers are robbing people while they aren't looking. abc2 news brian is working for you tonight about the scam. >> reporter: abc2 news is working for you. we are working with local law enforcement agencies alerting you of crime in your neighborhood and guiding you toward prevention tips. this week we're working with baltimore county police to alert you about a string of
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burglaries. two men posing as utility workers had been targeting elderly residents. he is a bge worker, then leads the victim outside to show the work he needs to be done. once they are outside, another man enters the home and steals jewelry and other valuables. one of the victims says she never suspected men were imposters. >> he said, i'm not coming in your house, we're not allowed. i mean, that's standard, you know. and that's when it all happened. >> police say the pair has struck four times in the last two weeks in towson, woodlawn, and north point areas. anyone with any information is asked to call the county police. next thursday, we're going to tell you how to protect yourself from this kind of robbery and how to keep from falling victim to an imposter. brian kuegler, abc2 news. let's take a look at tonight's top stories. baltimore county police are trying to figure out who shot
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and killed a teen in nottingham last night. he was gunned down a block away from his home. you know, it's the time you don't expect to see traffic, but a truck carrying an oversized load caused him huge delays. the tractor trailer was driving on 695 when it ran right into an overpass. the bridge was damaged and the beltway was shut down for about two hours. bridge inspectors needed to make sure it was safe. all lanes are back open tonight. and aruban authorities have a new lead that may give them a motive behind the frederick woman missing. robyn gardner's travel part nay may have tried to collect on a $1.5 million travel insurance policy just days after he reported her missing. all new at 5:30, there's  parts of the city difficult to get fresh food. they usually don't hold many of
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the healthy options as many supermarkets do. today the baltimore food co-op breathes some new life into an old concept. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> they date back to the 1930s and had their hay day in the 60s and 70s, access to fresh food increases, this is an old idea that is getting new life. >> a lot of the things you probably expect to find in a co- op. fit young couples enjoying granola and fresh juices. you'll also find really good fresh produce, pick that day from just up the road. and really, really good bread. baked a few hours before, also from just up the road. >> the co-op emphasizes the local aspects of it. that's what is interesting to me to come here and sell. most markets, you know, grocery stores wouldn't bother with anybody. >> bringing in fresh food from
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local businesses and to neighborhoods is one of the main reasons why the baltimore food co-op is celebrating its grand opening. it was chosen because there is a need here. this was a very bad location to get fresh, healthy food. >> you want to talk about a food desert. there is no place you can go to get a grocery store anywhere near there. you are surrounded by highways. in order to walk to any place, you have to cross the bridge and go to the 24th, i guess super fresh, which is closed now. >> the co-op has 600 members and is growing. they hope to grow with the community, bringing in more food and various types of food and hosting special events. helen hopes they keep the good food coming. nice to have a place you can ride your bike to. >> it's about supporting local growers. it's about growing our local food economy. so we can have fresh food and it is more nutritious as well.
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it is community based. so that is wonderful. it belongs to the community and it is for the community. so the idea is very exciting. >> now to join the co-op, it costs $100 a year. that comes with food discounts and special extra discounts every week. so far, 600 people have joined and more members the better the deals. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. when it comes to saving money and being green, how about installing solar panels on your home? coming up, some homeowners say the going green idea has scammed them out of more money than they could ever save. one golden retriever is living up to its breeding, how she is saving golfers the extra work of returning their cart. [ laughter ] >> that's something you don't see that often. what has cnn's anderson cooper laughing so hard. let's just say it was very punny.
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although a round of golf is usually a good time, golfers at one course in maine look forward to what happens after
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the last hole. kayly, the golden retriever has been trained to do just that, retrieve. she runs to golfers as they finish up and takes their cart keys back to the clubhouse. their reaction is priceless. >> pretty stunned. everybody laughs. the ones that are used to it, they give her the key, they g to the parking lot. she brings the key to the clubhouse. >> only time caylee doesn't get the job done is when the weekends are really busy, when she is a little too tired by the end of the day. sometimes it is tough up here. anchors aren't able to keep composure. as cnn's anderson cooper proved last night, he was talking about french actor gerard depardu who allegedly urinated on the carpet of a plane and the puns were just a little too much for cooper to take. >> all i can say is they should thank their lucky stars
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it wasn't part two. sorry. that made me giggle every time i read it. he hasn't commented on this incident. [ laughter ] i know, you got it. but -- [ laughter ] sorry. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if it was that funny. was it that funny? the airline, city jet, also took a light hearted approach to the incident using twitter to tell passengers it spent the morning mopping. all right, have you ever thought about adding solar power to have your home safe and safe for money? beware. coming up, why some homeowners say they lost hundreds of dollars because of who promised to help them save money.
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take a look.
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you're watching the station that works for you. abc2 news at 5:30. has your morning newspaper disappeared from your driveway or front steps recently? authorities say it could be because of discount seeking fees. extreme couponing is a trend that is recently been highlighted on a cable show in which shoppers collect coupons in large numbers to make major purchases for just a few bucks. police report arrest in arkansas and texas among other states of people stealing papers to gather more coupons. abc2 is working for you with a warning about solar scams. homeowners say contractors are promising that going green will save them money while helping the environment. but instead, some of those people say they went from going green to going broke. preston explains why they paid
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out thousands and got nothing in return. >> these solar panels are now an expensive eyesore. one year ago, he paid more than $7,000 to have them installed. his contractor promises his system would pay for itself. by saving charles more than $1,000 a year or his electric bills, but in reality. charles says the system has not generated one single kilowatt of electricity. now the contractor won't return his calls, e-mails, or complaints he filed charles is one of 700 people who complained in 2010 saying they were victims of solar scams. the bbb says complaints are on the rise. >> i think it's horrible that contractors take advantage of people that are trying to do good by their environment, by their community, by going green. >> solar systems can be expensive. the better business bureau's complaints show homeowners pay
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between $6,000 to $60,000 to go green and were ripped off. >> it has a devastating effect on a family who works hard for their money and think they are doing something good. >> this man embarrassed he was scammed did not awant to appear on camera. he fell for a rebate scheme. he paid a contractor $12,000 and promised over $2,000 in rebates after installation. a year later, the rebates are still a no show and the contractor won't respond to his complaints and -- >> this particular system has not shown its benefits. >> the solar energy association says these growing scams are giving going green a bad rap and good installers out there. >> what we're seeing is because of the growth of the market and the number of qualified installers, most people are having a great experience with installation and usually surprised to find out how affordable the system is and how quickly and easily it can be installed. >> it recommends you use a contractor that is licensed in
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your state, belongs to a energy professional association and like any contractor checks references, complaints, and gets three estimates. >> experts also say be careful about buying solar panels online. to check out legitimate rebate programs that can help save you 50% in solar installation costs, go to our website for more information. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. all right, take a look at this. watches and warnings all over the place. northern baltimore, ann arundel county, these are considered severe. gusty winds will be possible, as will the chance for potential of some downpours, some hail, and obviously many, many lightning strikes going on right now. as we take a look up i-95.
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storms reaching down into the park and let's take a closer look at some of these storms. this storm actually weakening some. the southern cell, but as we go a little bit further to the north here, the conditions actually change a little bit as we head up i-95. let me step out of the shot here and see if we can get the radar to work. that tends to happen with these tichtions. the second storm here developing and bringing out a couple of pretty hefty cells back up through north of bell air. you are getting lightning here and this storm tracking steadily further north and east. here's that storm tracking, bringing in to darlington. and eventually -- if it holds together and maintains its strength. it should begin to weaken and lose the heating of the day. wed roads downtown.
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temperatures 72, and winds southeast at 17. skies generally, you know, bright at times today, but then the clouds did roll in on us. take a look at the radar pictures right now. you can see up and down the state of maryland. we have scattered storms. a big one over hartford county. that's the main storm moving from north eastern baltimore county up in the eastern hartford county. and then across the mid atlantic states, partly cloudy conditions. a couple scattered showers and storms and i want to also take you into the overall weather map here. you can see high pressure off the coast. hot, humid conditions. and high pressure cell north and west that will try to come in and bring dryer weather next week. this hot, humid flow with this front approaching will mean more scattered showers tomorrow and those scattered showers and storms likely to last as we go
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into the weekend pictures here. we are talking a lot about the ravens game day and i want to head out to linette. linette, we are going to talk through the future cast here. i want you to talk about it. we just lost your ravens due to a computer crash. talk about what you see for the game tomorrow. >> basically, we have the chance for the showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as we head out and about. that game is at 7:30 p.m. and the ravens are playing. make sure you get out there and support that. we are also dealing with the fact that before the game, maybe you want to head to the beach. the beach forecast. we still have the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. and that's also as we head into saturday as well. so as we check it out, put it all together. we are going to be dealing with the future caster here and see more showers and thunderstorms as we head through tomorrow and as we get into saturday, things will improve a little bit more and we'll see more showers and thunderstorms back into the picture as we go possibly into sunday. that's the forecast there, wyatt. i don't know if you want to pick it up there. we have lots of thunderstorm warnings out there and flooding. that's definitely going to clog up the system. so i'm going to send it back to
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you. >> it does, we have so much data. and then you throw in the fact we are getting power spikes that are suppressers can suppress so much. linette, thank you for that report. we're going to be optimistic, the game will be mostly dry tomorrow. all right, take a look overnight tonight. still some scattered storms around. 68 degrees. and as we look ahead as we go into your forecast tomorrow, 87, scattered thundershowers of rain on and off possible throughout the day. some showers could linger into the big game tomorrow evening. all right, let's check out the seven-day forecast. look ahead here and bottom line is, scattered showers and thundershowers are going to be possible. possible as we go into saturday and sunday, but i really think that the weekend will still be mostly dry and then on monday, still the chance for some hit and miss showers. the best chances will come tomorrow and again late sunday afternoon into monday. that's how the seven-day
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forecast shapes up right now. >> all right wyatt, thank you. i'm jamie costello. coming up all new for you at 6:00. sample ballots for the upcoming mayoral election arrived in your mailbox tonight, but if you go by it, you're going to show up on the wrong day. what's being done to correct this error? and between all the video games and cable channels, it's becoming harder and harder. we're going to share three things. those stories and the weather coming up all new for you at 6:00. ♪ [ rock ]
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just a few weeks after downgrading the u.s. credit
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rating, standard is under investigation. the justice department is handling the inquiry, which started before that controversial credit rating loss. the focus of the investigation, the agency's rating of mortgage security leading up to the financial crisis. it's evidence of impartiality is found, it would seriously damage the s and p's position as independent analysts. we have a hard time, we all know it, the company hopes to drum up new business by lowering ticket prices a lot. already pretty low. megabus is offering a ride from burlingtom, vermont, to boston for $1. now the trip, which took its first voyage yesterday takes about four hours. there is a catch though. you have to book your ticket early to get that rock bottom price, but competing bus lines are offering similar tickets for about $44. and since you can't get everywhere for $1. michele bachmann has a plan. at a campaign stop in greenville, south carolina tuesday, she made some big
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promises. >> under president bachmann, you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. that will happen. >> well if bachmann does get elected, she'll have a difficult time getting her word. gas prices are connected to global prices which aren't controlled by the white house. an eastern shore mom gets busted not once, but twice for driving under the influence in just three hours. what's more shocking than that is what police found in her backseat the second time they pulled her over. that's coming up on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. now, abc2 news at 6:00. >> well, all the big names are there, but the date is wrong. why it isn't so simple to make a sample ballot who and who goofed on this. the push is on politicians as those in the city say it's time to renovate the building where your


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